Customize your Graphs

Change the apperance of your graphs by changing the color, the line width and the resolution. Change the domain of the functions by changing the minimum and the maximum values of the independent variable.

The Graph and The Table Work Together

In the “graph+table” mode MathGraphics incorporates the graph and the table in the same view, letting you visualizes the table data in the graph; and conversely, to generate the table from the part of the graph you visualize. Select one row in the table and the graph will show you the selected point; and conversely tap a point in the graph and the table will select the associated row. This approach gives you the better of the two worlds.

Choose Between Six Different types of Functions

Create graphs of real valued functions and parametric curves in both, real and polar coordinates systems. You can choose beetwen six  different types of functions:

Rectangular Coordinates:

y=f(x),  x=f(y), α(t)=(x(t),y(t))

Polar Coordinates:

r=f(θ), θ=f(r), α(t)=(r(t),θ(t))

Custom Keyboard

MathGraphics comes with a custom keyboard especially designed for type math expressions. This beautiful keyboard works perfectly with the expressions fields; the keyboard shows up when you need to edit a math expression and it dismiss when you are done. 

With this keyboard is easy to find the function you need. Long press a key and a menu with related functions will appear, this let you have more than 45 functions in just a few keys to remember.

Custom Expression Field

Because math expressions are not simple text, MathGraphics comes with a custom expression field especially designed for type, select, cut, copy and paste math expressions. This expression field is aware of the meaning of the math symbols so it gives you the following advantages:

  1. ViñetaAvoid parenthesis syntax errors. The expression field opens and closes the parenthesis and clears the left and right parenthesis when you delete one of these.

  2. ViñetaThe custom expression field is aware of the function independent variable, so only allows paste expressions with the same variable.

  3. ViñetaSelections act like parenthesis when a function or an operation is applied.

  4. ViñetaThe magnifying glass used to move the caret identify the symbols completely instead of individual characters.


MathGraphics allows you to convert your graphics in an image file that can be sent by email or saved to your iPad photo library.


MathGraphics turns your iPad into a powerful and intuitive graphing calculator. The graphs look incredible in the great iPad display; the high precise multitouch gestures allow you to focus on the math behind the graphics instead of the configurations needed to visualize the content you care about.